Oppah Muchinguri goes into hiding might have left the country

Oppah Muchinguri has been haunted into hiding by Mugabe’s machinery.  The  Environment minister is believed to have been fearing for her life as her opponents close in on her. She has not been seen at her home or her office in past 3 days.

Yesterday a  group of about 30 youths marched to ZANU PF  Mutare offices chanting denigrating slogans and baying for her blood. They are believed to have been funded by Mandi Chimene and Irene Zindi who have been long-time rivals to Muchinguri.

Sources inform us that Muchinguri has not visited her offices at Mkwati building because she fears a warrant of arrest has already been prepared. She is believed to have been an instrumental member of Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction.

Oppah Muchinguri voluntarily relinguished her post as Women’s league chair secretary of the women’s League in the ZANU PF party in 2014. It is believed that she had been promised the Vice President slot that was then held by Joice Mujuru. She resigned the post and helped elevate Mugabe’s wife Grace as her replacement.

In December 2014 Mugabe made a U-turn and appointed Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko as his deputies. This did not go down well with Oppah who felt deeply aggrieved and betrayed. She became an incessant critic of Grace Mugabe.

At one point in the Politburo Oppah brought Grace Mugabe to tears when she clashed with her over the distributions of ZANU positions at the 2014 congress.

Efforts to contact Oppah Muchinguri or her husband were fruitless as their phones were off.

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