Over 100 people died overnight trying to cross into South Africa to escape political violence and poverty



Over a hundred people have drowned overnight while trying to cross the Limpopo river into South Africa. A lot of people have risked their life to cross the river due to escalating political violence in Zimbabwe. One individual who did not want to be mentioned had reported that his house was burnt completely after being accused of being a corroborator of the MDC party, he went on to say that the Zanu PF youths destroyed everything and the only reason why he survived was that he was not in the house at the time. The family went to a late-night church service when the youths came. He also stated he was disturbed by these events and he and his family successfully crossed the border, the gentlemen also stated that he is sure that he is on the wanted list and relocating would mean a life on the run. The only way he could be safe was to cross the border. However many who tried to do the same did not afford to hire a boat so they tried to cross the river by swimming and this proved too much for many. Bodies washed on the other side of the border in South Africa. This has come as the political violence has exponentially increased as we go towards the 2018 elections. The official body count has not yet been determined by it is known that over a 100 people have died overnight.