Potbelly really does give good loving or rather big bellies go the distance, this is according to a study from a Turkish University.

 The study, conducted by researchers from Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey, surveyed 200 men over a period of a year and compared the men’s body mass index (BMI) and their sexual performance.

The study found that men who were overweight and had obvious big bellies (umkhaba) lasted longer in bed, about 7.3 minutes on average than their skinnier counterparts. 

The smaller sized men lasted about two minutes and were prone to premature ejaculation.

The study says:  “As the BMI increased, the number of patients decreased in the PE (premature ejaculation) group.” 

According to Huffington Post, a possible reason for this outcome could be that the bigger sized men have a higher amount of estradiol because of the increased fat around the stomach area. Estradiol is a female sex hormone which helps to inhibit orgasms for males.

The study was conducted to find the relationship between obesity and premature ejaculation. It was the first of it’s kind.

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