NewsDay gives you live updates of the Parliamentary Session taking place this afternoon.
16:03: VP Mnangagwa lays on the table the correct speech.

15:59: Chamisa raises point of order saying Parly only performing oversight role by interrogating. Speaker rules it is administrative duty of Executive to interrogate and punish offenders. Wrong Text withdrawn and substituted.

15:47:Vice President Mnangagwa now addressing.

Mnangagwa says where a mistake has been made it should be removed and replaced with correct thing. He calls for the correct report to be tabled.

The Vice President Mnangagwa apologises ” The mistake is regretted however it is not the duty of Parliament to interrogate mistakes. It is responsibility of Executive.

15:37:Mutseyami raises issue of death threats saying it forced opposition MPs to remain mum resulting in their failure to warn the President he was reading old speech.He further states that “its act of sabotage to extent President could have been given a speech on Joshua Nkomo eulogy or speech saying he is resigning.”

15:36:Maridadi speaking says Presidential speeches embargoed before delivery and therefore issue needs investigation.

15:27:Prince Sibanda said it was international monumental boob that brought office of President into disrepute

15:26:Bhebhe speaking says mistake cannot be taken lightly as event is rehearsed. Says next time office of Speaker should ensure it is correct speech but Speaker said it is impossible to do so as Presidential speeches are handed to him after President has read them.

15:25:Masango Matambanadzo speaking.

He stats by saying “opposition are low thinkers and even if he is grade two he is better thinker.”

15:11: Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga speaking.

Speaker orders sergeant at arms to stand near door to chuck out troublesome MPs.

Mushonga demands when speeches are made in House then every MP should be given copies so that they are able to alert if there is mistake.She Questions why it was already published in state media when MPs had not received copy. Misihairambwi-Mushonga says “it cannot be a secretarial problem but that someone at office of President is playing games.”

15:01:Chimene speaking says there is nothing peculiar by making a mistake. Starts to say opposition made own mistakes by calling for sanctions.

15:00: Thokozani Khupe demands the Vice President should instead have apologised to MPs and the nation and that they should have used the media to give a proper explanation.

14:56: Chinotimba now debating . He says “Surely things did not go well to the extent that the President was embarrassed” . He calls for the VP to table the speech

14:54:Kereke now debating,. He says investigations to find out who caused the gaffe can take long but meanwhile MPS should allow speech to be tabled and Parly business to move on whilst investigations take place

14:45: Chamisa says “It’s an international story that is serious and involves a whole AU chairman.

14:40: Chamisa says it was a scandal and those responsible should be punished, “Heads must roll,”he says.

14:36: VP Mnangagwa moves for wrong speeech to be withdrawn and substituted with correct version

14:32: Gonese approaches the Speaker to discuss the issue. MDC MPs noisily object demanding an explanation as to what really happened for the President to end up with the wrong speech

14:29: VP Mnangagwa moves for wrong speeech to be withdrawn and substituted with correct version

14:29:The Speaker says the of threats to be referred to SROC .

14:24: The Speaker of Parliament calls on Vice President Mnangagwa. Chief whip Innocent Gonese raises point of order on the matter of privileges pertaining to protection of MPs. He wants a committee of privileges set up to investigate threats.

14:12: House now full to the brim as senators join in proceedings.

14:12: Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is in the August House. Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda commends MPs who have attended the sitting at short notice.

14:08: Speakers procession enters. Only a handful of ministers have attended this session.

13:59: It is not clear if President Mugabe will personally deliver his correct speech.

13:55:Zanu Pf MPs already trickling into the National Assembly. Opposition MPs have threatened to raise a point of order and walk out of Parliament.

13:55: A few opposition MPs are already in the House.Bells are being run for Parliament to resume sitting.

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