NewsDay gives you live updates of the official opening of the third session of the 8th Parliament of Zimbabwe,by President Robert Mugabe.

12: 52: There are fears that Mugabe has delivered the same message as the one delivered during the State of the Nation Address in August

12:32: First Lady Grace Mugabe greets and chats with opposition MPs as they move out.

12:32: Speech was about 30 minutes long

12: 32: Mugabe to strengthen relations with Bretton Woods institutions. He says “Labour reforms will be part of policy measures to improve ease of doing business.

12:20:” $125 million to go towards ICT for migration from analogue to digital.” Mugabe says “51 health centres have been built , 103 are under construction . 400 clinics have been rehabilitated. Diaspora policy to be crafted and also an overhaul of Companies Act and all pieces of legislation that hinder ease of doing business.New procurement policy to be formulated as well as parastatal reforms.”

12:10: Mugabe says “Agriculture sector performance will be below expectation and will negatively impact economic growth. To rescucitate Cottco and restore viability. Mining growth is expected to be above 3,5% despite declining international prices.”

12:00:Mugabe begins speech praising securocrats saying that they maintain peace and stability in difficult socio economic conditions.

12:04: National anthem being sung once again.

11:59: The Speaker promises to deal with the issue after the Presidential speech.

11:58:Raising a point order chief whip Innocent Gonese says” MDC MPs have received death threats .”It is a matter of grave concern.”

11:54 : The President is ready to officiate over Parliamentary proceedings

11:52 :The two houses of Parliament will have a joint sitting as is tradition. There are almost 400 of them in both houses.

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