Police batter photojournalist

BULAWAYO - About 11 police officers on Wednesday evening ganged up to assault photojournalist Crispen Ndlovu for taking photos of them assaulting a suspected thief in an alley.

Ndlovu said the police beat him after noticing that they had been caught in the act.

“It’s the female police officer who started punching me in the stomach before others joined in and tried to get hold of the camera that was strapped on my left hand,” Ndlovu said.

He said despite producing his accreditation card, the police continued assaulting him using clenched fists.

“After a two-minute tussle, they finally got hold of the camera and deleted the images not knowing that modern cameras have got data recovery abilities,” Ndlovu said.

A senior police inspector at the scene, one Madyamombe came to Ndlovu’s rescue after strongly cautioning him never to “interfere” with police work.

Madyamombe ordered a junior officer to take down Ndlovu’s details.

He was later released without charge. Ndlovu then proceeded to file a complaint at Bulawayo Central Police Station under IR 5412/15

As a result of the assault, Ndlovu sustained injuries on the left arm. He had his pair of trouser torn.

He was referred to Mpilo Central Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

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