A BULAWAYO councillor has asked residents to pay R5 per household in order to pay a prophet who will “exorcise goblins that have been terrorising the suburb”.

In an interview with the Sunday News during the week, Cowdray Park councillor Collet Ndlovu said residents were living in fear as goblins were continuously attacking them, particularly those living at the Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle area and those close to the terminus.

“We met during the weekend when we discussed the issue. People expressed concern and pleaded for an immediate solution because there are serious attacks going on.”

Clr Ndlovu said there was a need to work as a community to ensure that the goblin attacks do not persist.

He requested every household in the community to contribute at least R5 so that we pay a prophet who is expected to stop the terror,” he said.

He said about $400 is needed to pay the prophet. However, the councillor said failure by residents to raise the money was delaying the progress. He revealed that the community as a result has resorted to other alternatives like engaging local churches which offered to help.

“As a council, we try to help communities through churches. The situation is bad, as we speak now but we cannot approach traditional leaders because they usually charge monies that we can’t raise,” said Clr Ndhlovu.

He said recently a local church, Guta Ra Mwari, volunteered to partner with the community to conduct prayers in the suburb.
Some Cowdray Park residents claim that goblins have been throwing stones at houses and breaking windows. Some also claim to have been attacked while walking during the night.

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