Sulu, Zinara on warpath

SULU ANGRYTawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Dendera musician Suluman Chimbetu is at loggerheads with the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) following the organisation’s failure to honour their promises to the musician for his role as their ambassador.

Chimbetu was appointed Zinara ambassador in 2013 and was reportedly promised an annual salary, housing allowance, payment for advertisements and exemption from toll fees.

This publication is reliably informed that exemption from toll fees is the only benefit Chimbetu has enjoyed since the deal was sealed.

“The problem is that Sulu was working with the organisation through a third party, which compromised the deal.

“This year the organisation had promised to deal directly with the musician to clear the backlog but meetings are still going on and no payments have been made,” said a source close to the development.

The musician, who is popularly known as Sulu, is said to have done a number of jingles and adverts without getting anything from the organisation.

“Since early this year the two parties had a series of meetings to try and resolve the issue but nothing has materialised so far.”

Relations turned sour when the organisation allegedly promised to give the “Foni” song maker $600 on his birthday last month but failed to do so.

“Sulu was not happy because there were a series of unfulfilled promises,” said the source.

This paper is reliably informed that the musician has engaged his legal team to map a way forward with the organisation.

On Tuesday they had a meeting but the issue could not be resolved.

“He has engaged a lawyer over the issue and as we speak they are in a meeting discussing the way forward,” the source disclosed on Tuesday.

The musician’s publicist, Joe Nyamungoma, confirmed the fallout but could not shed more light on the issue.

“Yes, we have issues with Zinara but I am not in a position to give you the details of the meetings now,” he said yesterday.

Zinara spokesperson Augustine Moyo requested questions in writing.

“Put your questions in writing and I will respond to them just now,” he said.

However, by the time of going to press Moyo had not responded.

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