download51 download5Zimbabwe under the dictatorial rule of nonagenarian Robert Mugabe is considered a pariah state in the eyes of the world and is shunned by all right thinking nations.

Mugabe’s tight grip on power has been possible mainly due to his suppression of the press and violently curbing any adverse comments being written from within.

The 1992 abduction and subsequent murder of popular journalist Edward Chikomba has left journalists in a trance and their self imposed censorship within Zimbabwe, is evidence that they know, they are being watched closely by the authorities and a word out of line could bring them the same fate too.

Robert Mugabe like all other dictators who have ruled their countries with “jack boot democracy” knows very well that it is the press that can turn the tide against him, hence his systematic suppression by threats, coercion and even assault of those journalists who do not write rosy things about his government.

Having ruled Zimbabwe for 36 years he is still very much in power and has no intentions of relinquishing it and his only hope to remain at the helm is to keep dissent by journalists at bay at any cost, even when the world community has shunned him full movie A


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