A SELF-proclaimed witch-hunter, popularly known as tsikamutanda, who raped an epileptic and disabled 12-year-old Mangwe girl, has been slapped with a 20-year jail term. Thulani Moyo from Tsholotsho, the court heard, made the wheelchair bound girl crawl to his bedroom hut before raping her. Regional magistrate Chrispen Mberewere convicted Moyo of rape and said he deserved a sentence that would keep him away from his “hunting territory.”
“Incidents of the so called men of God using all manner of subterfuge to sexually gratify themselves on unsuspecting and gullible women and girls are almost getting out hand. It’s the duty of the court therefore to appropriately punish them while at the same time communicating the court and society’s indignation towards religious abuse of office,” said magistrate Mberewere.

“You are therefore sentenced to 20 years imprisonment of which 5 years are suspended for five years on condition that you don’t commit a crime that involves sexual misconduct.” Moyo pleaded not guilty to rape saying the girl’s parents forced him to heal the epileptic girl, although he told them he did not possess a certificate to heal people.

He allegedly took advantage of the girl and raped her while her parents were sleeping. Moyo stayed with the family for two weeks while cleansing their homestead of evil spirits. In his defence, Moyo said he was used by the family which later failed to pay him after he cleansed them of evil spirits.
“They’re trying to cover up for their debt, I didn’t rape the girl,” said Moyo. Prosecuting, Trust Muduma told the court that on May 17 last year, the girl was warming herself around a fire place which was in front of the kitchen. “Moyo proceeded to the fire place and grabbed the girl by the waist and asked why she did not greet him. Three days later, Moyo went into the girl’s room at around 11.30PM and woke her up saying he wanted to treat her of epilepsy,” said Muduma.

“Moyo raped her. She tried to scream but Moyo said he was teaching her sex. He later asked the girl to join him in bed for the night and the girl refused.” Muduma told the court that the girl narrated the story to her aunt on the following day and showed her the dress and panties she was wearing during the sexual assault.
“The girl was referred to Plumtree District Hospital for medical attention and Moyo was arrested.”

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