UACI choir on the rise



Wellington Kudiwa Entertainment Reporter
The Unity Apostolic Church Choir is finally gaining recognition after being engaged for overseas shows by their foreign-based churches after their local star rose with their presence at Mathias Mhere’s birthday bash where they performed alongside the likes of the birthday boy, Blessing Shumba and Cynthia Mare recently. The Unity Apostolic Church Choir, which has more than 50 members, is expected to tour the Southern African region before going to Europe. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, founder and leader of the choir Emmanuel Mwale said the invitation was a sign of bigger things to come.

“The Unity Apostolic Church choir was formed way back in 2010 and since its establishment, we have been performing at weddings and birthday parties for some of our fans.

“The recent invitation to participate at Mathias Mhere’s birthday party along the likes of Sabastian Magacha shows that we are now getting the recognition we deserve.

“I can attribute our invitation by our foreign churches in the region and in Europe to the fact that we are now being recognised in our own country on a national level,” he said.

Mwale said the Unity Apostolic Church International has many branches across the world and this has contributed to their eagerness to partake in the international tours scheduled for later this year.

‘‘With a congregation of more than 10 000 people across the world, UACI Choir is quite confident that our fan base will grow even bigger in our mission to spread the word of God through music,” he said.

Some of the tracks that have put the choir on the musical landscape include ‘‘Vanegumi Vasikana’’, ‘‘Tumirai Ngirozi’’ and ‘‘Tsoka Dzemutsvene’’ and are all included in their upcoming “Tsoka Dzavatsvene” album

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