Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) executive moderator Bishop Johannes Ndanga has sued former top members of the organisation for $82 000 for tarnishing his image when they publicly accused him of corruption.

In his summons filed at the High Court last week, Bishop Ndanga is suing Erizari Jaramba, Elliot Mugwambi and Michael Chibwape, all of Harare. The summons were filed by Bishop Ndanga’s lawyers Mugiya and Macharaga law chambers.
“On or about February 19, 2015 and sometime thereafter, the defendants started to denigrate the name of the plaintiff in public, and at times in the public and private media attacked the good name of the plaintiff and his office since the plaintiff is the executive moderator for a Christian organisation known as the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe,” reads the summons.
“The defendants uttered falsehoods against the name of plaintiff and made false allegations ranging from corruption to abuse of office, amongst other allegations.
“The defendants are former members of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe some of whom were in the leadership.”
Bishop Ndanga said the statements made by the trio were wrongful and defamatory and made with the intention to injure his reputation.
He said what the three said was understood by members of the ACCZ and the public to mean that he was dishonest, which was their intention.
Bishop Ndanga said the interpretation of what the trio uttered was that he was corrupt and misused ACCZ funds, he was a heartless and a poor administrator and that he practiced maladministration in the way he ran ACCZ.
“As a result of the defamation, the plaintiff has been damaged in his reputation and has suffered damages in the sum of $82 000,” reads the summons. The trio was given 10 working days to respond to the allegations.
Mugwambi was recently quoted in the media as saying Bishop Ndanga had conned more than 20 000 ACCZ followers of their money in botched housing stands deals and a motor vehicle scheme.
Jaramba and Chibwape were also said to have made similar allegations on different occasions.

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