THE new designated vending sites are nowhere near ready, a week after the 26th of June deadline that was set for vendors to move out of the city centre.

The Harare City Council blames the government which it said has not provided any money for the new sites. The proposed vending sites have neither ablution facilities nor shades. The council charged that the government should back up its ultimatums with funding.

However, the government has accused the MDC run council of politicking saying it must get on with providing the facilities.

At the site located at corner Seke Road and Glenara, disgruntled vendors who had arrived at the site as early as 6am were still waiting for council officials who had not reported for duty. The council claims to have registered 5 636 vendors so far.

City Principal Communications Officer Michael Chideme says some of the vendors are already selling from the designated points in the central business district, adding that efforts were being made to expedite the registration process.

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