President Robert Mugabe says Energy and Power Development Minister Dr Samuel Undenge is not to blame for the electricity shortage that is ravaging the country.

Addressing a group of party supporters from the different wings of the party and members of the Apostolic Faith who received him at Harare International Airport, the President said the electricity shortages and black outs are due to the low levels of water at Kariba dam where power generation takes place.
The President said the problem is also affecting other countries like Zambia which rely on Kariba dam for their power generation.

He said Zimbabwe has alternative sources of power like coal from Hwange and solar energy.

The President, however, said Hwange Colliery can only operate with limited capacity as the generation machines need constant maintenance and only limited power can be supplied at any given time.

Industries could start considering introducing night shifts to avoid complete shutdown, suggests Cde Mugabe.

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