Visually-impaired couple in court

court hammer editProsper Dembedza Court Reporter
A visually-impaired woman yesterday took her equally disabled husband to the Harare Civil Court accusing him of taking her clothes to his girlfriend’s house.

Angela Moyo claimed Vengai Mugwinhi physically and verbally abuses her.

Moyo was seeking a protection order against Mugwinhi whom she accused of breaching her peace.

“He looted all my clothes and gave them to his girlfriend who stays in the rural areas,” she said.

Moyo told magistrate, Ms Audrey Tarugarira, that Mugwinhi was also in the habit of selling their matrimonial property and diverting the money to his own use.

“He is violent towards me at all times and at one time he broke the door to my room at the height of a misunderstanding.

“I need protection from this court because this man is very abusive and I am now living in fear,” said Moyo.

Mugwinhi denied the allegations saying he last had a misunderstanding with the complainant sometime in 2010.

“She is lying because I have never abused her since 2012,” he said.

Ms Tarugarira granted the order in Moyo’s favour which barred Mugwinhi from verbally or physically abusing her.

She ordered Mugwinhi to keep peace towards Moyo at all times.

Meanwhile, a man offered to contribute $20 towards the upkeep of his two children.

Givemore Robert was arraigned before the court by his ex-wife Rudo Tapfumaneyi who was claiming $200 for the upkeep for their two children.

“I am currently not employed and I can only afford to pay $20 per month for my two children,” he said.

Robert said he would increase the amount once he gets a job.

Tapfumaneyi had submitted that Robert was a scrap dealer realising $600 a month.

“He bought a wardrobe for his girlfriend last week, but is not contributing anything towards his children,” she said.

The presiding magistrate Mrs Babra Mateko ordered Robert to pay $90 per month, starting from July 31.

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