Police keep guard outside the Harare Magistrates Court in Harare, Wednesday, July 13, 2016. Zimbabwean pastor Evan Mawarire was charged Wednesday with attempting to overthrow a constitutionally elected government for organizing a nationwide strike which shut the country down last week. Water cannons and riot police surrounded the Harare Magistrates Court to prevent protests over Mawarire’s court appearance. (AP Photo)

Jumping from one prominent to the other, there has been a string of prophesies about who would emerge leader after Mugabe but the under-core line is that even if Mugabe leaves office the human rights issue will still be a big problem. Whoever would emerge leader would still maintain a reign of terror to stay hold of power and history tells us that. Dictatorship countries like North Korea have taught us time and time again that any government which is willing to kill its people will stay in power for a long time. Mugabe is not central to the problems of the human rights but the system of the oppression will likely stay in the institutions such as police-force, army and the central intelligence organisations. Mugabe introduced all these institutions but he is too powerless to control them now. The police are corrupt, the army is violating human rights and the CIO is abducting innocent citizens on a daily basis, mostly going unreported by the outside media due to the media blackout.