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Pro democracy activist Itai Dzamara was abducted by armed goons of the corrupt Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe on March 9th 2015, whilst he was at his local barbershop waiting to get his hair cut.

He was not heard from nor was there any intimation from the security authorities as to why he was being held and the charges against him, which shows that the abduction was politically motivated.

The relevant authorities drew a blank when his name was mentioned to the various spokesmen representing the different arms of the government security apparatus which are just extensions of the despotic rule of the nonagenarian Robert Mugabe.trailer film Ant-Man

There is no official statement as to what happened to Itai Dzamara and every lead that activists of his “Occupy Africa Unity Square” have received has drawn a blank, whilst the government keeps mum.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

The Itai Dzamara abduction is a thorn in Mugabe’s side and is slowly but gradually turning out to become an issue that the President who has ruled undemocratically for 36 years would not be able to hold back when elections are held next.

But elections have been marred with accusations of vote rigging and whether Itai Dzamara would bring down Mugabe from wherever he is only time will tell.

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