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Corrupt dictator nonagenarian Robert Mugabe is not getting any younger and no amount of witchcraft could possibly prolong his life’s ambition at tremendous cost to the nation to reach the magical milestone of remaining as President in his impoverished nation at the ripe age of 100 years.

Zimbabwe was a bountiful and flourishing nation prior to Robert Mugabe taking over the reins, though it reeked with a policy of apartheid under white minority rule, but today it has fallen into a bottomless abyss, from where it would find it difficult to crawl back up.

The drought forecasted in 2017, the never ending political unrest spilling over to every street in Harare and elsewhere, inflation just below the sky and the latest gimmick by the government to issue, bond notes instead of currency notes, have all boomeranged on Robert Mugabe.

There is no law and order with most officials corrupt to the core after 36 years of despotic rule and long bank queues being the order of the day for every citizen who is struggling to make ends meet whilst Mugabe is living an Emperors lifestyle cocooned in the Presidential Palace.

What the 2018 elections would bring “ONLY TIME WILL TELL”.

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