A 31-YEAR-OLD man raped his eight-year-old step daughter on three occasions before his wife caught him red-handed violating her for the fourth time, a court heard on Friday. The man, of Mberengwa Communal Lands under Chief Mataruse, appeared before Regional Magistrate, Morgan Nemadire, facing four counts of rape.

The magistrate remanded him in custody to September 15 for sentencing. The man had previously denied the allegations saying that he was not at home during the time of the alleged rape. He later changed his plea to guilty after his stepdaughter took to the witness stand.
The prosecutor, Emmanuel Matosi, told the court that in October last year at Hofisi Village, Mberengwa, the girl’s mother left her with the man. “During his wife’s absence on an unknown date but in October and at night, he entered the kitchen hut in which the complainant and her brother were sleeping and dragged her away from her brother.”
“He then forcibly removed her skirt and a pair of panties before trying to rape her. The girl screamed but he covered her mouth with his hand,” said Matosi.
He told the court that while the man was covering her mouth, he used his other hand to insert his manhood into her genitalia and raped her once. He said the complainant started struggling and the noise awakened her brother. The man, the court heard, left the scene.
Matosi told the court that in the same month but on a different date, the man went to the kitchen hut where the complainant was sleeping with her brother.
“He lifted the blanket which was covering the complainant and her brother before he removed her clothes. He then forcibly had sexual intercourse with her,” said Matosi.
The court heard that the man raped the girl again for the third time on a different occasion in October.
The court heard that earlier in the day when the man’s wife had returned from her mother’s homestead, the complainant told her that she had been raped.
Matosi said the woman later caught her husband in the child’s blankets after he had left her in their bedroom hut. The court heard that the complainant told her mother what had happened upon which he was then reported to the police leading to his arrest.

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