A WOMAN has ditched her husband for damaging her through anal sex.

The woman has since  approached the Lupane civil court because she feels her husband has been sexually abusing her ever since they started watching pornographic movies.

“Your Worship, sengizwile ezibunu (I have endured enough from my behind) since we started watching pornographic movies my husband demands anal sex. I have endured that for the past year and if I complain he bashes me and tells me straight to my face he paid bride price,” she said in court.

She added that her anal muscles have since become loose, as such she is now damaged goods.

“Now it is almost difficult to hold back. I just pass gas in public. My stomach is always aching because of too much air. To make matters worse he refuses to send me to a hospital for treatment. Due to that I ask for peace in my life,” she said adding that she has been starved of conventional sexual intercourse as a result.

But the husband said all that he does is what his wife likes.

“She always tells me she enjoys it more when it’s anal sex,” he said. He also added that he doesn’t even like anal sex. He likes it from the back.

“It is a lie that I have  been demanding anal sex from her. What I do is that I like it when she is bending exposing her dishy behind,” he added.

The magistrate ordered the two to go for counselling and return on 23 October.


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