A cross border driver - Petros Udhube (39) has been dumped by wife amid revelations that he keeps goblins.

His wife - Constance Tamwaramwa ditched him after she found goblins stashed in their wardrobe.

"Petros and Constance separated in February after the wife found goblins in their wardrobe. He has a habit of keepings eggs in a Camphor Cream container, and every time he goes to work, he always carries a walking stick in his bag," said a source.

Constance confirmed the development.

"It's true we're no longer together, I left him in  February after I found out that he was using juju, he has a small walking stick that he doesn't want people to get hold of.

"When we were still living together, he would keep the walking stick in a small bag and always carry it to work," she said.

However, Petros denies his ex-wife claims.

"She is hurt because I left her after I caught her red-handed with another man at a lodge. I have moved on, I have a new girlfriend".

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