A 55-YEAR-OLD woman had to flee half naked after overpowering a 21-year-old neighbour who had forcibly removed her trousers in an attempt at rape after stealing her cellphone and money.

Sibusiso Mguni who works as a general hand in Figtree met the woman who works as a maid at a neighbouring homestead at around 8PM on August 1. He robbed her and then forcibly removed her trousers and panties in a bid to rape her but the woman managed to escape.

Mguni appeared before Plumtree magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa facing attempted rape and robbery charges. He was remanded in custody to September 9 for judgement. Mguni pleaded guilty to robbery only and denied trying to rape his alleged victim.

He said the woman removed her trousers on her own accord and pleaded with him to have sex with her. “I tripped her and she fell to the ground then I dragged her out of the road and I searched her pockets but I didn’t remove her trousers or her underwear,” he said.

“In fact she is the one who was pleading with me to have sexual intercourse with her. I only threatened to kill her as I wanted her property. She then asked me to spare her life in exchange for sex but I wasn’t interested as I only wanted the money.”

Prosecuting, Clemence Shawarira said Mguni committed the offence on August 1 while the woman was on her way home.

“Mguni came from behind and grabbed his victim by the neck and pushed her to the ground. He pulled her off the road into the bush and assaulted her with fists while demanding her valuables,” said Shawarira.

“He took a cellphone and $7 from the elderly woman and then forcibly removed her trousers and underwear after he had unzipped his own trousers.” He said the woman began to scream and Mguni ordered her to remain quiet and indicated that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her.
He said the woman struggled with Mguni and managed to escape from his grip and fled to a nearby homestead leaving her trousers and underwear behind.

Shawarira said the matter was reported to the police resulting in Mguni’s arrest. The woman told the court that Mguni pulled down her trousers while he had already unzipped his. She said she struggled with Mguni until she fled from the scene leaving her trousers behind.

“He removed my trousers by force after he had taken my cellphone and money and told me that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with me. At first he ordered me to undress but I refused and then he forcibly removed it himself. I overpowered him and that was when I managed to escape from the scene,” said the woman. chronicle

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