Eddison Zvobgo Junior who has started subdividing a farm about 5km from Masvingo City Centre into residential stands has refuted allegations that he has become one of the new land barons who have benefited from an opaque residential stands empowerment programme for Zanu PF's gurus.

The controversial empowerment programme has seen some Zanu PF members who were as poor as church mice becoming millionaires overnight as they are given large tracts of land to subdivide and sell to desperate Zimbabweans without paying a single cent for that land.

The programming has left councils which were originally mandated with selling stands broke as one of their major sources of money has been taken over by greedy politicians.
Three weeks ago former MDC T councillor for Ward 8, Misheck Gapare who grabbed 50 stands from one such scheme was arrested in a case that is bound to open a can of worms.
Zvobgo refuted that he was one of the land barons who had benefitted from the ruling party's benevolence towards its faithfuls. He told The Mirror that Lot 5 of subdivision Standard Farm, measuring 18,5844 hectares which was recently subdivided into residential stands was bought by his late father a long time ago.

The Mirror has it on good authority that Zvobgo approached Stellenbosch Investment director Zvinavashe Kudakwashe Musungwa, son to the late Army General Zvinavashe Musungwa Gava to develop the farm wholly owned by the Zvobgo family into residential stands.

"This farm was not acquired during the land reform programme. It was bought long back by my father and he used it for horticulture.He used to supply our hotels and even big supermarkets such as OK and TM.

"It has been lying idle for a long time and we just decided that it might boost our capital injections in our main core business of hotels," said Zvobgo. 

In an affidavit in the hands of The Mirror, signed on April 23 2014, the managing director of Regency Hotels and Leisure group, stated that he is the owner of Lot 5 subdivision Standard Farm in Masvingo which he authorised Stellenboch to act as his agent in the process of developing the said piece of land for the purpose of residential stands.

When contacted for comment Zvinavashe confirmed that his company is servicing stands on behalf of Nevuzeze Property Investments (Pvt) Ltd.

"I am into land devolopment and my company is servicing Lot 5 of subdivision of Standard Farm. My company was approached to service those stands and do all the paper work needed," said Zvinavashe.

The Town Clerk Adolf Gusha also denied that Lot 5 of Standard Farm belongs to the City Council and said the City Council's Standard farm is still there and it has not been subdivided into residential stands. mirror

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